Calluna Oost Project – Ommen

Flexible living is an important subject in the Netherlands. The avarage age population is rising and there is a lot of movement in the labor market. In order to properly accommodate housing for all layers in our society, it is important that there is a flow in the housing market.

Every resident of a municipality has its own specific housing needs and/or housing requirements. The development at Park Calluna Oost gives room to realize flexible living.

ROC Homes offers this solution. At Park Calluna Oost in Ommen, ROC Homes has the option of realizing “Flexwoon” (Flexible living) accommodations on vacant lots.

We offer sustainable and high-quality accommodation units in the form of flexible housing with associated facilities with a minimum plot size of 350 m2.

On Park Calluna Oost we have numerous beautifully located lots available for people interested in setting up their own accommodation.